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Published: September 22, 2015
National Heart Institute & Philips Malaysia launch
“Heart-y Meals” Cookbook

The Dietitian-Approved Smart Guide To Guilt-Free Cooking; In Aid of IJN Foundation

Passionate cooks comprising healthcare professionals and executives working at the National Heart Institute (IJN), have come together to share their low-fat recipes for scrumptious, heart-friendly meals.

The IJN personnel had earlier participated in a series of cooking competitions as part of the FATCHECK For A Healthy Heart programme, a community education initiative by IJN and Philips Malaysia to promote low-fat cooking for better heart health.
Hearty Meals
Featuring a delightful mix of creative local and fusion dishes, the winning recipes have been compiled into a cookbook titled, “Heart-y Meals: Smart Guide To Guilt-Free Cooking”. The publication was launched today in conjunction with World Heart Day 2015, by Datuk Dr Rosli Mohd Ali, Chief Clinical Officer and Senior Consultant Cardiologist at IJN and Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager of Philips Malaysia.

According to Datuk Dr Rosli Mohd Ali, Chief Clinical Officer and Senior Consultant Cardiologist at IJN, many Malaysians tend to consume too much fat when eating out or at home.

He said: “We love deep-fried foods. We also tend to use much more oil than we really need when cooking. This is a very unhealthy practice because it can raise our risk of heart disease.”

Datuk Rosli explained that, contrary to popular belief, most of the cholesterol in the blood is converted from fat that we eat. “High levels of LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is associated with clogging of the coronary arteries that may result in a heart attack.”

Datuk Rosli went on to highlight that our bodies will store calories in the form of fat namely as fat cells that often end up accumulating in the abdominal area.

“If you could look underneath a pot belly, you will see masses of fat covering your internal organs, including your heart. This can disrupt the body’s vital functions and cause insulin resistance, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure – all of which can contribute to heart disease.

“Clearly, our hearts would be much better off if we consumed less fat,” he stressed.

Mary Easaw, Chief Dietitian of IJN, remarked that many people would find it challenging to reduce their fat intake due cultural cooking practices and personal taste preference. “For instance, it is a challenge for us to tell someone to forgo their favourite deep-fried chicken or fish. It would be much better if we could show them how they could fry chicken without adding any oil.

“This is why we were very excited to collaborate with Philips Malaysia in the FATCHECK programme which advocates low-fat cooking using the Philips Airfryer. Its unique rapid air technology allows you to fry, grill and bake with minimal added oil or none at all.

“The Philips Airfryer is so versatile and simple to use, that our colleagues who participated in the FATCHECK Cook-Off competitions were able to produce outstanding creations despite using it for the first time. We are sure that members of the public will have an equally easy time with the Philips Airfryer when trying our recipes in the “Heart-y Meals” cookbook,” she said.

Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager of Philips Malaysia, expressed his company’s appreciation at being able to contribute towards the public’s health through technological innovations.

“We in Philips seek to play a leadership role in the promotion of healthy living and disease prevention; diagnosis, treatment and recovery,” he said.

“Understanding the evolving food and lifestyle trends, we strive to provide consumers with more effective, low-cost health solutions through our personal and home care products.

“Philips Airfryer exemplifies our commitment. With the ability to lose the oil but not the taste, it is a welcomed tool that, we hope, will make a significant difference to the health of every member of the household.

The Heart-y Meals cookbook is available for sale, with proceeds to be donated to IJN Foundation in aid of needy heart patients. Copies may be obtained through the IJN's Diet Consultation Clinic Block A and B during office hours on Mondays to FridaysTel: 03-2600 6596 / 6942, contact FATCHECK Secretariat (03) 7961 1868 or visit www.fatcheck.my.